Well, if Pierre Deslauriers, whose at the helm of the “Regroupement des musiciens du métro” (yes, there’s actually a committee overseeing the music in the metro — who woulda thunk it!?), gets his way, this just might be the case! Read on… (more…)


Mayor Gerald Tremblay is throwing a challenge out to designers: conceive a new design for Montreal bus shelters. Read on… (more…)

Sounds pretty trivial, doesn’t it? Well, apparently the STM needed to explain exactly why lines form at a bus stop. Read on… (more…)

Well, the Opus transit smart card’s transition period is coming to an end as of this Monday at midnight (aka June 1). What does that mean for transit users like myself? Read on… (more…)

Le mouvement est en marche2 arrows: one blue, one yellow, overlapping to create a 3rd green arrow. If you’re as avid a public transit user as I am, you’ve probably noticed said design pop up on the bus and metro. No, it’s not a new paint job. It’s actually part of a freshly launched campaign by the STM better known as “Le mouvement est en marche” (aka “On the move” from the very limited English ad campaign). (more…)

As we all know, Public Transportation in Montreal may stink but hey, at least you can have a better looking transit fare! Or so is the concept behid Mélissa Nougier’s viral project, OpusLift.com.

Nougier essentially suggests that the newest transit fare format, the Opus Smart Card, has a rather bland design which according to her doesn’t necessarily represent a city as vibrant and cultured as Montreal.  So, she’s taken it upon herself to stimulate the artistic vision of fellow Montrealers to create more stimulating and visually-pleasing designs for the Opus card. Indeed, some of the submissions are actually quite original if not impressive.

You can submit your own design by e-mail at opuslift@gmail.com or see the various designs at www.opuslift.com.

In it’s attempts to promote public transportation (or so they claim), the STM will be implementing a new shuttle bus between the Bell Center and the West Island. Starting February 24, 15 minutes after every Habs game at home, a shuttle service will be available on St. Antoine. Said shuttle will have three stops: the Dorval train station, the Pointe Claire train station and, of course, Fairview. All you’ll need to board the shuttle is a valid transit fare. It’s still unclear as to how many buses will be made available although the service will be a on a pilot project basis.