As you may know, I’ve been keeping an eye on the whole plan to redevelop The Main between Ste. Catherine and René-Lévesque as part of the whole Quartier des Spectacles project. At risk are the Eastern strip of businesses and merchants who have been asked to leave their stomping grounds so as to make way for an office tower. (more…)


If you’ve taken a stroll down St. Laurent rcently, you may have noticed that small yet inviting terrasses seem to be invading The Main between Sherbrooke and Mount Royal. It’s all part of a new pilot project which seems to be getting mixed reactions. Read on… (more…)

If you’ve followed my blog lately (which I’m sure you do religiously, right?) you might remember a post about the future of St. Laurent boulevard between Rene-Levesque and Ste. Catherine. Long story short, as part of the new Quartier des Spectacles project the city is attempting to evict tenants of the Southwest corner of St. Laurent and Ste. Catherine (some of whom have been there since the early 1900’s) in favour of an office tower. Read on… (more…)

It’s been approximately 2 years since the provincial government in partnership with the ville announced their plans to transform a somewhat staggering section of downtown Montreal into a mecca for arts and entertainment better known as Le Quartier des Spectacles. Among some of the projects underway, developpers have begun transforming the Blumenthal building into a concert hall and the stretch of Jeanne-Mance bordering the Contemporary Arts Museum is being converted into a public agora if you wish. What seems to be going under the radar at the time being is the expropriation of certain businesses deeply rooted in Montreal’s history. Read on… (more…)

As if Claude Chamberland’s plans to suggest that St-Laurent metro be changed to Metro du cinema wasn’t enough, now promoters behind Le Quartier des Spectacles want their piece of the pie! (more…)

Today certainly was a great day to hit the streets of Montreal by foot and take in everything that the city has to offer. That said, I decided to venture down by the main to soak in some of the events around Design Montreal’s weekend events (mentioned earlier in this blog — but of course, you knew that). Great success, I must say, with some very unique exhibits and a good insight into some design projects underway in the city. However, what caught my attention was something I seemed to have overlooked in the calendar of events. Montrealers have joined forces or, as a certain group would put it, conspired to, well errr… do good! Read on… (more…)

Yes, you read correctly! If Claude Chamberland, founder of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (, sees his brainchild through to fruition, this could very much be the case. (more…)