If you’ve walked by the Quartier des Spectacles recently, more specifically the open public area at the corner of Ste-Catherine West and Jeanne Mance, you may have had the pleasure of seeing rows upon rows of illuminated gum drops. The only thing is, they’re not exactly gum drops — rather, they’re pixels. Read on… (more…)


Well the semester is winding down faster than expected which, in my case, is a good thing seeing as the past few months have been brutal. Anyhoo, this is something that came to my attention the other day and I thought it was pretty cool. So, for all you friends out there who are into graphic design, drawing, or photography, you might wanna read on… (more…)

Funny how things go. The other night, a good friend of mine was driving me home and we happened by Le Medley (St. Denis corner Rene-Levesque). He couldn’t help but reminisce about the days of old when the place was called the Old Munich and was home to a rotating stage with Oompa bands, pretzels, picnic tables and beer a-plenty. Well much to my surprise, as I was surfing the web, I came across an article from the CBC announcing that Le Medley would no longer be. Read on… (more…)

This one was brought to my attention and I felt I should mention it seeing as there seems to have been a drop in events of this kind ever since the mercury dropped ever so slightly. Read on… (more…)

Starting tomorrow, “Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal” kicks off it’s activities for an 11th year. Running from September 10th through to October 11th, the theme this year is “The Spaces of the Image”. Read on… (more…)

It seems there’s some more cage rattling over on boulevard Saint-Laurent between René-Lévesque and Ste-Catherine. More specifically, artists from alternative communities are attempting to snatch up some more support for their cause. Read on… (more…)

As you may have noticed, my blogging trends have dropped drastically over the past few weeks (mainly due to a number of reasons that I’m sure you really don’t care about). That said, I seem to have completely neglected to mention that one of Montreal’s and my own’s favourite film festival is in town. Read on… (more…)

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