Following my last post, I figured this might make a good segue-way. It seems after many years of water infiltration, decay, mould, and pure filth, the STM is finally deciding to do something about what is probably Montreal’s ugliest, smelliest, most poorly-ventilated Metro station. I’m talking of course about Guy-Concordia. Read on…

If you’ve been lucky enough as I have over the past couple of years, you’ve definitely had the pleasure (sarcasm abound) of stepping into a puddle of brown water gushing out from the walls or perhaps even had the privilege of having some goop drop onto your head from the crevices in the ceiling. Those are just some of the many wonders that a Metro station like Guy-Concordia has in store for daily commuters such as myself.

In fact, Guy-Concordia even received the poorest ranking (which essentially signifies “This station has problems – the decoration is ugly or painfully dull, or it is poorly laid out”) by Metro-enthusiast, Matt Mclauchlin (if that means anything).

Anyway, just prior to the holidays, upon making my way to work, as I was going up the escalators, I couldn’t help but notice big blue stickers lining the walls of the St-Mathieu exit which read “Travaux Majeurs à Venir”. But hey, as we all know, that doesn’t necessarily mean much. With the STM, I have to see it to believe it! And indeed, here we are in the new year and here I was, a few weeks later almost in disbelief, as I saw a team of engineers (at least that’s what I think they were) with a series of blueprints and cameras examining a variety of the many problems which plague Guy-Concordia.

So, what’s the deal? There doesn’t seem to be any mention of this anywhere in the city. What suddenly, after so many years, made the STM take action? What will these changes include?

Keep checking back as I dig up some more details for y’all! In the meanwhile, check out Matt Mclauchlin’s shnazzy website featuring anything and everything that is related to the Montreal Metro system: