It ain’t always easy being a student… Working crazy hours, and being subjected to a course schedule that doesn’t even come close to being flexible. I’ll admit, I have it pretty easy this semester. However, this was not the case in the fall. Anyway, all this to say, it’s always nice to save a few bucks when possible… especially when it comes to textbooks. Read on…

Sure, you could buy your textbooks at full price or even at the unfairly reduced price for used books at your school’s book store but in the end, can you really justify such a purchase? After all, we all know that most of those books will be outdated within months and end up in the never ending vortex that is every student’s messy closet (I shant deny it).

Now, the other viable option would be to go used book store hopping with the hopes of finding that hidden gem. Trust me, I’ve done this my fair share of times and although the bargains are often worth it, it’s simply quite a burden: locating the plethora of used book stores, finding the book you’re looking for, making sure it’s the right edition, then arriving at said book store (hours later) only to find out that it is closed on Mondays! Arrrrgh!!!

That’s when I came across a nifty little site called Used Book Circle. I must admit, this site has been awesome over the past couple o’ years. Here’s the concept: a bunch of used and new, independent book stores subscribe to the service, an end user like you and me puts in a request for a book, and voila! The request then gets sent to all the participating book stores (which covers most of them in Montreal), and if a merchant has said book, they send you an e-mail and put it on reserve for a brief period of time. Genius!

And no, I haven’t been paid to promote this site. I’ve honestly found it useful and thought others might be able to make us of it. So here it is: