If you’ve walked by the Quartier des Spectacles recently, more specifically the open public area at the corner of Ste-Catherine West and Jeanne Mance, you may have had the pleasure of seeing rows upon rows of illuminated gum drops. The only thing is, they’re not exactly gum drops — rather, they’re pixels. Read on…

Think of it as a giant Lite Brite set up. The whole initiative is part of an art installation being called “Champ de pixels”. Taking up a 40, 000 square foot space, each gum drop (yes, I’m still calling them that) is approximately 18 inches high and activated by motion censors. That said, every time someone walks by the lit gum drop changes from red to white and vice versa.

Meanwhile, the whole installation is being filmed from high up above which should give an interesting end product.

“Champ de pixels” has been invading the Quartier des Spectacles since December 11 and will run until January 6, 2010. For more info, visit the installation’s official website at www.champdepixels.tv. You can also check out this neat video: