Yes, you read correctly! I’m the first to admit that I love free stuff… I think it’s safe to say that we all do! That said, I’ve gathered a rather small but very useful list of freebie listings within the 514 (can we actually even use this term anymore what with the new 438 area code?). Read on…

  • Craigslist
    Probably the best known site out there for exchanges over the interweeb. That said, did you know they have a “Free” section? Well, they do! Give it a whirl, you might be surprised by what you find listed. In fact, I was actually lucky enough to get a green screen for absolutely free through this site! What am I going to do with a green screen, you ask? What won’t I do with a green screen, should be the question! Maybe I’ll do some weather reporting, or stage a cheesy explosion. Or it might just stay in storage for the next 20 years, as is the case right now. But I digress.
  • Kijiji
    Just like Craigslist, Kijiji also has a free section. Although it is not as wide or useful as Craigslist, it does nevertheless have some interesting items up for grabs every now and then.
  • Free Stuff Montreal!
    This one is rather new. It seems a local Facebook user by the name of Iz Marceau saw the opportunity to use what is probably the most widely used social networking site to allow people in our fair ville to post notes with regards to items they are looking for or giving away. So far, so good, I must admit. You’ll notice right away that there’s a certain feeling of camaraderie and respect that reigns among the users that are part of this group. Way to go, Iz!
  • FreeCycle Montreal
    I actually came across this Yahoo Group by accident. Having taken up cycling over the summer months, when I saw the name FreeCycle Montreal, I figured it was a group that had to do with cycling. Much to my surprise, this was not the case and instead I landed upon a treasure cove! FreeCycle is actually an international movement that encourages the elimination of waste and the reuse of objects and materials. Get it? FreeCycle… Recycle… Quite simply put, users are encouraged to exchange, and give away items free of charge with the idea of waste elimination in mind! Got something you’re looking for? Or maybe you have something that you were thinking of putting on the curb but that someone else could use? Post it on FreeCycle!
  • Canadian Free Stuff
    Although not local, this one is targeted to Canadians. Amongst others, you’ll find everything from an extensive listing of free samples, coupons, and contests.

Well, there you have it! Happy freebie hunting!

If you have any other freebie scoops, please don’t hesitate to let me know.