Funny how things go. The other night, a good friend of mine was driving me home and we happened by Le Medley (St. Denis corner Rene-Levesque). He couldn’t help but reminisce about the days of old when the place was called the Old Munich and was home to a rotating stage with Oompa bands, pretzels, picnic tables and beer a-plenty. Well much to my surprise, as I was surfing the web, I came across an article from the CBC announcing that Le Medley would no longer be. Read on…

Apparently the owners of Le Medley are claiming that the venue is no longer basking in the fame it once did and thus is no longer bringing in the dough as it once did.

More precisely, owners have announced that the venue will close at the end of the year. Shows scheduled passed the closure will be relocated to other venues.

So what will become of Le Medley, you may be wondering? Well, it seems the potential buyer will be transforming the joint into a housing development.

A farewell blast is scheduled for the last week of December.