If you spend as much time in Montreal’s downtown core as I do, you might have noticed the ginormous “Guaranteed Milk” bottle near Lucien-L’Allier which, if it’s contents held true to it’s image would have long gone sour. Some argue it’s a landmark while others feel it is taking up much-needed real estate. Most recently you may have noticed that the bottle is surrounded in scaffolding. What’s going on? Read on…

Well, after years of rust and vandalism, a group by the name of Heritage Montreal whose main goal is to “promote and protect architectural heritage” is now taking it upon itself to do something about the decaying bottle. In a campaign called “Sauvons la Pinte” (Save the Pint), Heritage Montreal will attempt to not only create awareness about the bottle but also restore it to it’s natural beauty.

You can find more about the whole campaign and www.sauvonslapinte.com.

Quick Facts:

  • The bottle itself is just over 30 feet high
  • It sits atop the original Guaranteed Pure Milk dairy plant
  • The bottle has been around since 1930
  • The bottle was used as water reserve for the dairy plant until the 1970’s