Turns out the new Bixi bikes are actually becoming a huge succes in our city! Okay, I must admit that I may be overdoing it lately with how fond I am of this new means of sustainable transportation. Anyway, all that to say, Bixi also recognizes how popular it’s system is becoming and thus celebrations are in place this evening! Read on…

Tonight, the Bixi team along with celebrities and public figures will be participating in the “Défi Bixi des célébrités” at LaSalle Park in Lachine (10th avenue) as part of “Mardis cyclistes”.

Among the “figures” present will be past Olympic athletes including Jennifer Heil, Kathy Tremblay and former habs player Pierre Bouchard.

For more information, check out “Mardis cyclistes” at http://mardiscyclistes.wordpress.com.