August 2009

Yep, my drunkard readers, I kid you not! It was just brought to my attention this morning that after 43 years Montreal’s beloved red-roofed drinking institution shall no longer be. Read on… (more…)


Sounds pretty trivial, doesn’t it? Well, apparently the STM needed to explain exactly why lines form at a bus stop. Read on… (more…)

Turns out the new Bixi bikes are actually becoming a huge succes in our city! Okay, I must admit that I may be overdoing it lately with how fond I am of this new means of sustainable transportation. Anyway, all that to say, Bixi also recognizes how popular it’s system is becoming and thus celebrations are in place this evening! Read on… (more…)

It was getting quite close but La Ronde’s “Le Monstre” officially took the lead over Great Adventure’s “El Toro” (New Jersey) with a whopping 62%. Read on… (more…)