Yep, I’m putting out a call for your help in improving me blog! I’ve actually been meaning to do this for a while but haven’t had the time… Anyway here it goes. Read on…

  • I’m looking for a new picture to replace the generic WordPress header from some random unnamed city that I obviously tried to sell as being Montreal and which you obviously didn’t fall for! Really, I’m looking for something that says Montreal to it’s fullest. Be creative! Likewise, I’d like something that I have permission to use. So, photographic friends, to your cameras (or maybe stock images!).
  • Second and lastly, does anyone know the Mac keyboard shortcuts for grammatical accents that I can use when I try to show off my 5 years of advanced High School French???

Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated. You will definitely be credited and mayhaps I’ll be able to dig up some goodies for ya (i.e. movie passes, crappy promotional movie t-shirts, etc.). But of course, you’re not doing it for the swag, you’re doing it because you truly wanna contribute to your buddy, Esteban’s blog! Right? Right? Fine, don’t answer that!