We’ll certainly have to wait and see as Six Flag’s Roller Coaster Competition goes for the highs and lows in search of the best and most authentic (isn’t it all objective?) roller coaster in the world. Read on…

All that to say, it was announced this week that La Ronde’s “Le Monstre” has made it into the quarter finals. It’s main competition? A ride by the name of “El Toro” at Great Adventure Park in New Jersey.

So far, “Le Monstre” has taken the lead over and eliminated some big players including Lake George’s “The Comet”.

Here are some quick stats for you:

La Ronde’s “Le Monstre”:


Courtesy cyberpresse.ca

Height Restrictions 1.32 m (52″) Min.
Height 39,9 m
Installation year 1985-1986
Manufacturer William Cobb
Maximum speed 96 km/h
Number of trains 4
Track length 1 218 m / 1 227 m

Courtesy http://www.laronde.com

Great Adventure’s “El Toro”:

Courtesy gregscoasterphotos.com

Courtesy gregscoasterphotos.com

Height Restrictions min. 48″
Ride Category Thrill
Flash Pass Yes
Top speed 70 mph
Elevation Nearly 19 stories (Nearly an 18 story drop)
Length 4,400 feet
Duration 2 min 5 sec
Manufacturer Intamin
Capacity 2 trains of 36 riders each

Courtesy http://www.sixflags.com

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