No, it’s not a spelling mistake! Read on…

Equality, justice, liberty, and unity. Those are supposedly the 4 attributes that this so-called Hoodstock will be attempting to reflect. So, what is this all about?

Taking place August 8th and 9th, Hoodstock is “the ultimate urban musical event, with an explicit socio-political bent, accompanied by a social forum”. The whole point is apparently to commemorate the riots and events of August 9th, 2008 in Montreal North.

The whole event is organized by Montréal-Nord Républik and will run between 6 and 10pm, both August 8th and 9th at Aimée-Léonard park in Montreal North.

Having grown up in Montreal North, I personally feel the whole situation has spiralled out of control. Yes, the neighbourhood does have it’s share of problems but steps have been taken to improve tensions between citizens, political leaders, and law enforcement. The situation is not perfect, but that can be said for any other Montreal neighbourhood.

That said, we can only hope that this event remains peaceful, otherwise Montreal North might become the victim of another round of negative media frenzy!

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