It seems there’s some more cage rattling over on boulevard Saint-Laurent between René-Lévesque and Ste-Catherine. More specifically, artists from alternative communities are attempting to snatch up some more support for their cause. Read on…

They’re essentially inviting the public to drop by Le Medley (1170 St-Denis — yes, I know, you would think they’d try and get a venue on St-Laurent but I’m sure there’s good reasons behind this) on Friday, September 4th to catch performances from the Dead Dolls Cabaret, Club Sin, Stella, as well as filmmakers, Dominic Vincent, Matthew Saliba, Izabel Grondin, and Anthony Teoli.

Facebook organizers however are quick to distinguish that this night shant consists of a protest but rather “a celebration in support of the continuity of alternative arts and performances on the ‘Main'”.

Films will be projected as of 8:30pm that evening and shows will begin at 9:30pm. More details are available at .

You can also find more details regarding the whole ordeal over The Main at .