According to a study released this week by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, personal information published on Facebook is not as safe as you may think. Read on…

I’m not sure about you, but this does not really come as surprise to me seeing as social networking is corporately-driven (aka, the almighty dollar comes first). However according to the the Privacy Commissioner, Facebook could do much better when it comes to protecting personal information. Likewise, this recent study suggests that the social networking site hangs on to information for too long even after accounts are deleted or once a member has passed away.

Moreover, another major concern is that Facebook grants application developers the possibility to access personal information. I must however fireback on this point and argue that most Facebook applications clearly state that they will be tapping into your personal info and usually provide and agreement prior to being installed. So, if you don’t want developers to have access to your info, it’s simply a question of not installing said application.

Interestingly enough, Facebook responded rather quickly to this study, tightening some security features. However, the Privacy Commission argues that the recent changes aren’t enough. Facebook now has just under a month’s time to report back.