If you’ve taken a stroll down St. Laurent rcently, you may have noticed that small yet inviting terrasses seem to be invading The Main between Sherbrooke and Mount Royal. It’s all part of a new pilot project which seems to be getting mixed reactions. Read on…

Unlike past years where terrasses consisted of unappealing platforms built over street parking spaces, this pilot project is taking advantage of the extra sidewalk space created by the controversial and problematic street revamp.

According to the Société de développement du boulevard Saint-Laurent, this pilot project is supposed to encourage merchants to actually make use of the space outside their businesses in a more efficient manner. They argue that terrasses from past years made it difficult for waiting staff to work and were also quite uncomfortable for customers.

In all honesty, after walking down the stretch of road in question, I find the current terrasses are rather large for the space available and actually hinder the flow for pedestrians. However, motorists rejoice, your parking spaces aren’t being occupied by wooden platforms.

The current pilot project is in effect until September at which point, results will be analyzed.