Earlier this week, City Flitz announced that it would be setting up shop in Montreal. But what exactly is this and what does it mean for Montrealers?

In my case, it means absolutely squat seeing as I still don’t have a driver’s license and my permit is expiring sooner than later. However, for those of you with a valid license, it could mean saving the big bucks needed to buy a gas-consuming vehicle (note the word could).

So, what is this miraculous-to-good-to-be-true-solution all about? Well essentially, City Flitz puts out a fleet of advertising-plagued vehicles. As any good marketing team would do, City Flitz is quick to calm those of you who believe in the environment, claiming that their fleets consist of eco-friendly vehicles. After a basic subscription online ($35 registration + $350 security deposit + $7/month), all drivers, or as the company puts it, Flitzers have to do is pay a $1/day to use the vehicle.

So what’s the catch? Well the list is quite long. Here are just some of the points:

  • Vehicles must be driven at least 30 km/day
  • Vehicle must stay within the designated City Flitz boundaries to ensure visibility
  • Only 10 vehicles (eventually 13) will be available to all of Montreal
  • 2 weeks advance booking is necessary
  • You must wait 48 hours between usage periods
  • Gas is not included

It’s estimated that advertisers will be paying approximately $7 000 per month to advertise with City Flitz. So far, Toronto and Vancouver are supposedly experiencing smooth runs. Montreal and Calgary are next on the map. Stay tuned!