As I made my way to Mont-Royal metro earlier today, you could imagine the surprise and delight that came over me as I walked into a real life re-creation of the yard from Norman McLaren’s “Neighbours” with the video (above) playing in the house windows. If you’ve never seen this video, give ‘er a look. It actually brings us back to a time when the National Film Board was booming and avant-garde in contrast to the rest of the cinematic world. But I digress. So what was this display all about? Read on…

It’s all part of the 2nd annual “Paysages Ephémères” (Ephemeral Landscapes) which this year has adopted the theme of vacationing in the city and the slogan “Complet No Vacancy”. In short, it’s all about giving artists an opportunity to express themselves within the urban landscape and have city dwellers take in a bit of it all.

I must admit, the whole thing is pretty neet. Even more interesting is how the whole project took over the advertising billboards on each platform of Mont-Royal metro with various photographic works.

The whole project runs between July 2nd and 26th along Mont-Royal avenue. You’ll find the works of visual artists, architects, and designers. In all “six installations will be set up in Parc des Compagnons-de-Saint-Laurent, one intervention will occupy the Place Gérald-Godin, while another will take place in front of the Sanctuaire du Saint-Sacrement. Non-narrative, short films will be screened on two evenings in the park.”

For more details about the works being displayed, make your way over to