As you already know, I tend to get around the city mainly by bike and public transit in part because I do believe in sustainable forms of transport and mainly because I only have a partial license. Anyhoo, all that aside, as I was making my way to the Plateau for a night on the town this weekend, I got caught in the crossfire of a verbal fight between a metro depanneur owner and a somewhat agitated man. Read on…

Granted, verbal disputes are not uncommon in the metro, especially on a busy Saturday night. However in this case, police officers (not metro security) weren’t too far behind. As I mentioned, the whole fight, which by this point had garnered a decently sized crowd, was nothing more than verbal. Here I was thinking both parties would simply be calmed and the agitated man escorted out. Instead, quite the opposite happened! Police officers grabbed the agitated fellow by the back, pushed him to the ground and proceeded to pull out their telescopic batons (proper terminology?).

It was only after minutes of making use of their rather, I must admit, intimidating weapons that they eventually handcuffed the man in question and escorted dragged him away.

In all honesty, I’m not quite too sure what the fight was about but after talking to fellow onlookers, it was agreed that the whole incident might have been dealt with the wrong way.

This all comes at a time when the issue of police brutality has been hitting a chord with Montrealers. That said, a number of questions come up. Is the Montreal Police force abusing its power? If so, who would police the police? And in a case similar to the one I experienced what can be done? I’ll admit, I felt kind of helpless not being able to intervene however implicating myself in a situation like the aforementioned might actually open a can of worms for myself and not help anything at all.

What to do? Just some food for thought!