After a few rounds of phone and text message tag, what was supposed to be an afternoon of lounging on a terrasse, sipping back on a few cold ones, transformed itself into an afternoon, and later a full evening at the Montreal Fringe Festival. Read on…

In all honesty, although I had planned on dropping by the Fringe this year it was probably a friend’s involvement in one of the stage performances that actually gave me the extra incentive needed to go. So, the afternoon started with “Security Week on Dom Pompeo Live”, a a theatrical performance at the Portuguese Association challenging the sometimes absurd security issues we face day in and day out.

We later trodded down to the Outdoor Stage (and Beer Tent) at Parc des Amériques, where we were able to catch the tail end of the uber amazingly awesome, uproariously funny Dramaturkey Competition (yes, I know, the name itself is exciting!). Essentially playwrights are invited to submit their worst piece of work which is then read aloud on stage as the audience and invited judges boo the worst of the worst. Unexpected yet entertaining, patrons had to go through everything from Pink Floyd background music to Kylie Minogue bursting into flames… anything and everything! If only I could remember some of the lines!

And if that weren’t enough for you, the night ended with the latest vampire cult film, “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead”. Think: vampires + well-known television actors + Shakespearian themes.

Anyway, all that said, there’s still a few days left to catch some shows at the Fringe! Tonnes of reasonably priced shows as well as a boat load of free events. Oh, and did I mention that my latest short film, “Electric Rivers” will also be part of the madness, ce soir, June 17, between 8:30 pm and 10 pm at Parc des Amériques? Well, I did now!

If you’d like more info about all the festivities, you could always log on to . I leave you now with an excerpt from “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead”…