So I promised a major Festival announcement 2 days ago. Yes, I know, I’m late but being directly involved with such an event has, as usual, prevented me from getting the proper shut eye (if any at all) required to do everyday things such as not walk into walls! So what’s this major Festival announcement? Read on…

It’s called Zoofest! It’s actually the brainchild of Just For Laughs’ Gilbert Rozon. Quite simply put, Zoofest is an alternative multidisciplinary event showcasing emerging artists within the realms of comedy, theatre, performance art, music, circus acts… really, everything (hence, the name)! Different than most festivals of it’s kind, a large portion of the shows will be self-produced giving artists a share of the pie and creative process. Really, think of the whole shinding as a cross between the Just For Laughs Fest and The Montreal Fringe.

Some new acts which caught my attention in particular include:

  • The UCB Gets You Laid: 2 single audience members are plucked from the crowd and brought on a date backstage. Cameras catch all the action as comics commentate.
  • Facebook: Comics jump on to an audience member’s Facebook page and err, “analyze” it.
  • Once and for all we’re gonna tell you who we are so shut up and listen: Great show name, I know! Quite simply put, it’s a bunch of teenager being well… teenagers! Catch them as they portray all the trials and tribulations which their age group goes through.

You’ll also be able to catch former Just For Laughs acts such as the Flying Solo series, New Faces of Comedy, Homegrown Comic Competition, the Alternative Comedy Show, Amp’d: The Music Comedy Show, the Sketch Show and the Tout Show.

Keep in mind there are shows for all ages as well as bilingual shows. Best of all, shows won’t burn a hole in your pocket seeing as most tickets will be priced modestly at $15!

You can get all the info you need at Hope to see you around!