Anyone remember this classic cult British TV show, “Love Thy Neighbour”? Sure, it came around way before my time but thanks to reruns and the dubya dubya, it’s still creeping up here and there. Anyway, all that aside, tomorrow will mark our belle province’s fourth “Fête des voisins” (aka the “Neighbours’ Feast”). Read on…

Started by Atanase Périfan 12 years ago in France, la Fête des voisins is meant to encourage anyone and everyone to get to know their neighbours better and establish strong relationships with them. After all, we’ve all, at some time or another, had trouble with neigbours!

Interestingly enough, the province of Quebec was the first to catch on to such an idea in North America and remains the only province to actually participate in this celebration. Is it perhaps that Quebecers have a harder time dealing with others in contrast to fellow provinces who don’t see a need for such an event? (By the way, that’s a rhetorical question!)

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