Due to lack of sleep, an insufficient amount of coffee, and an overflow of work and personal projects, this one shall be quick. Simply put, BEER FEST till this Sunday over at the Windsor Station courtyard!

Sample both local and international beers including some you didn’t even know existed (yes, there’s such a thing as sunflower seed beer and yes, there are certain ingredients *cough* sunflower seeds *cough* that just shouldn’t be mixed into beer).

So, won’t you join me this Friday evening and Sunday afternoon as I stagger around for some taste tests. Trust me it’s all worth the price of a glass and some tickets.

You can find all the deets over at www.festivalmondialbiere.qc.ca

To get you into the spirit of it all, I leave you now with what is Canada’s (and mine own’s for that matter — yes I’m a sucker for Irish folk songs!) favourite drinking song. Yep, some magazine (might’ve been Maclean’s — can’t recall) had a poll for the latter and this is what made it to number one: