Well, the Opus transit smart card’s transition period is coming to an end as of this Monday at midnight (aka June 1). What does that mean for transit users like myself? Read on…

Quite simply put, if you’ve already made the switch to the new Opus system, you have nothing to worry about. If you’re still using the old magnetic card (CAM) as your weekly or monthly fare, you might wanna get yourself to an STM point of sale before the rush this Monday morning. Indeed, May was the last month for the good ol’ CAM fare system. As of Monday morning, June 1 all transit users will only be able to use the new Opus card as a method to get around.

The only exception to this rule is for children between 6-11 and the elderly 65+. These two groups have been given another month to make the switch and will still be able to use the old fare system.

Quick facts:

  • The CAM first came into existence in 1980, having been used for 29 years.
  • The recent Opus project is estimated to have cost approximately $169,000,000