You’re out of luck if you expect me to follow the lyrics popularized by The Tragically Hip.  Indeed, Montreal is apparently spewing with poetic genius, that is, more than usual, as the 10th edition of Marché de la poésie invades our city. Read on…

As I made my way over to Mont-Royal metro after reviewing “The Navajo Project” at O Patro Vys for my web project, (cheap plug, as always) I couldn’t help but notice a miniature big top tent (for you francophones, I’m talking about a “chapiteau” which apparently does not translate into English) set up in place Gérald-Godin. As usual, curiosity got the best of me so I made my way over to see why the whole contraption was there.

Turns out it was set up as one of the many venues for the 10th Marché de la poésie. For all you poets and poetry lovers, you’ll find everything from readings, book signings, conversations, and displays. The whole shinding got underway earlier this week (Thursday, May 28 to be precise) and runs until Sunday, May 31.

Full program and details are available at