Anyone remember this childhood cartoon aired on our beloved Ceeb? I sure do! It was the story of raccoon Bert and his two sidekicks, Ralph and Melissa whose aaardvark friend, Cedric, had a crazed, capitalist-driven father, Cyril. Plot lines would revolve around the Evergreen Forest and The Raccoons would always end up saving their home in the forest while teaching viewers about the pitfalls of capitalism and elements such as teamwork. So what does this have to do with anything? Read on…

Early this morning (more precisely around 5:45 a.m.), as I was heading home from a rare graveyard shift of blasting rock music at overly excessive levels in a studio in downtown Montreal, I had the surprise of crossing what seemed like a very and I mean verrrry large cat! As It came closer to me I noticed that it was not actually a cat but rather a very large, furry, cuddly-looking (yes, I said it!) raccoon! Yep, right in the heart of downtown Montreal! My natural instinct was to take a picture to show y’all. Let’s just say unlike the raccoons from the animated show and those I used to run into when I worked up at a summer camp, this one wasn’t to pleased by my presence. This was quite obvious as I snapped a shot and it turned around only to come rushing towards me while making grunting noises! Whoever said these things are slow was absolutely mistaken!

Here are the pictures:

Disgruntled raccoon on Maisonneuve West at St-Matthieu
Disgruntled raccoon take 2

Disgruntled raccoon on Maisonneuve West at St-Matthieu