Montreal will be singing to the tune of Lady Marmalade this summer as performers from around the city bring back a “traditional” form of “performance styles”. No, it’s not your typical stage show neither! Rather, it’s a revival of the good ol’ performance art known as Burlesque! Read on (you know you wanna)…

Enter the 1st Montreal Burlesque Festival! I know, you’re either thinking to yourself “wow, this is amazing!” or “that’s just wrong!”. Rest assured, everything is done in good fun and in good taste. Allow me to explain.

The Festival will revolve around dance, theatre and strip-tease performances. That said, organizers are quick to point out that the festival shant consist of a massive sex show. Instead, “Burlesque is more focused on the ‘tease’ in ‘striptease’ than the ‘strip’
New Burlesque tends to put the emphasis on style and tend to be sexy rather than sexual, often involving humor.”

Quick Fact:
The term burlesque may be traced to folk poetry and theatre and apparently derived from the late Latin burra (‘trifle’). In 20th century America the word became associated with a variety show in which striptease is the chief attraction. Although the striptease originated at the Moulin Rouge in 1890s Paris and subsequently became a part of some burlesque across Europe, only in American culture is the term burlesque closely associated with the striptease.
Source: Wikipedia

Essentially, the Festival is attempting to bring back the easy-going feel which reigned in Montreal starting in the 1930’s and lasting through till the 1950’s. Everyone is welcome to participate (even non-Montrealers) be it through performance or simply by being a part of the audience. Awards will also be handed out as an incentive to honour the best performances.

The 1st Montreal Burlesque Festival is set to debut September 18, 19, 20 at Cabaret Juste pour rire. For more information or to apply as a performer, make your way over to .

Gitchie gitchie ya ya dada… Sorry, couldn’t help it!