For those of you who know me and my music tastes, it’s no surprise that I have a soft spot for indie artists and their music. You could even argue it’s my Achilles heel when it comes to music. Anyhow, if your musical tastes are anything like mine, this summer will be quite promising. Read on…

Among some of the interesting releases, here are 2 of them which I’m really looking forward to:

After her recent hit on Adult Contemporary radio with “Fidelity”, anti-folk artist Regina Spektor will be releasing her 5th album entitled “Far” on June 23. However her first anticipated “hit”, “Laughing With” will definitely be a shocker for those who are familiar with Spektor’s past works. Known for her lighthearted and upbeat lyrics, “Laughing With” instead delves into the darker notion of God and the strong emotions related to doubt. Although some might argue that Spektor is selling out, it seems that she is simply exploring more personal aspects of her life while attempting to discover new musical options with much success. Anyway, enough banter, you can find the song on Spektor’s MySpace player here: While you’re there, check out the new album art — as any other Spektor album, quite original and fitting!

As for the second artist I’m looking out for, you may have recently seen them perform one of their yet to be released tracks on The Colbert Report. Most recognized for their past tracks, “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” and “Ashes of American Flags”, lead singer Jeff Tweedy along with his band Wilco will be releasing their 8th album, “Wilco (The Album)” on June 30. Rumor even has it that one of the new tracks will be a collaboration with Feist. The album will premiere with a studio version of the track the band played on The Colbert Report, “Wilco (The Song)”. Unfortunately, since we live in great white north, the clip from Comedy Central is restricted. Instead, here’s an earlier live performance of the same track: