Le mouvement est en marche2 arrows: one blue, one yellow, overlapping to create a 3rd green arrow. If you’re as avid a public transit user as I am, you’ve probably noticed said design pop up on the bus and metro. No, it’s not a new paint job. It’s actually part of a freshly launched campaign by the STM better known as “Le mouvement est en marche” (aka “On the move” from the very limited English ad campaign).

According to the campaign ads, “Public transit is much more than an ecologically friendly way to travel — it’s a sustainable project for our city”. The STM goes on to recognize that there’s room for improvement in their service. Anyhow, the campaign is centered on 6 main issues:

  • More buses that are newer, more reliable, and more punctual.
  • New metro cars.
  • More frequent rush hour service.
  • More space and comfort with articulated buses.
  • Faster service thanks to more reserved lanes.
  • More service in the metro.

Now this looks quite good on paper but if it’s anything like the past attempts at service improvements by the STM, the result will either be short lived or never even see the light of day.

At least the minimalist design used is somewhat of an improvement compared to past STM campaigns.

For all the details, check out this PDF (French only, sorry): http://stm.info/info/infostm/2009/090508.pdf