It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that areas surrounding Montreal (i.e. Laval and the South Shore) were introduced to the idea of a new area code: 450. Most recently however, with the spike in local telecom use mostly thanks to cell phones, Montrealers were introduced rather discretely to another area code: 438. The latter has been assigned mostly to newer numbers on the island. However, as of Thursday it has been announced that 438 will soon also be assigned to newer numbers in the current 450 zone as early as October 2010.

Honestly, using 438 as an area code in the 450 zone will definitely spare our cluttered mindspace from trying to remember another 3 digits — even though most people use speed dial and don’t even dare to memorize numbers anymore. On the other hand, what seems worrisome is not being able to distinguish where a call is being placed or originating from. Up to now, 514 and 438 (for the most part) were assigned to the island while 450 was assigned to surrounding off-island areas.