According to a study done between March 31 and April 1st by Harris-Decima, Montrealers are apparently satisfied (overall) with the Metro system. The only discrepancy comes from commuters’ satisfaction or rather, dissatisfaction with the STM’s customer service. Read on…

The HD study essentially breaks their findings as follows:
– Punctuality: 7/10
– Efficiency: 6.7/10
– Space in metro cars: 6.3/10
– Cleanliness: 5.7/10
– Customer service: 5.5/10


Here are some more aspects which came up during the study:

– The cleanest: McGill (28%)
– The dirtiest: Berri-UQAM (31%)
– The nicest: Place-des-Arts (42%)
– The ugliest: Guy-Concordia (23%)
– The safest: McGill (34%)
– The most dangerous: Villa-Maria (26%)
– The most complicated: Berri-UQAM (41%)

Most annoying:
– Backpacks (26%)
– Littering (22%)
– Not giving up a seat for elderly/handicap/pregnant (22%)
– Standing in front of doors (20%)
– Monster Truck-sized strollers (4%)

Oddly enough the last result, in my opinion, seems questionable.

Despite all the initial problems, and the somewhat hurried and ill-thought out cross-over period, it seems Montrealers are now satisfied with the OPUS card. 43% of those surveyed find the new fare system easier as opposed to 21% who preferred the old CAM and 41% find it is easier to buy in contrast to 23% who prefer the old system. 16% still admit having difficulty with their OPUS card. What the study seems to omit in this area, is the magnetic card for individual fares. Last i checked, it seems most of the fare problems seem to stem from this very flimsy and easily-demagnetized card.

The margin of error is supposedly 4.35% 19 out of 20 times. More details and stats at

Source: Journal Metro