As if Claude Chamberland’s plans to suggest that St-Laurent metro be changed to Metro du cinema wasn’t enough, now promoters behind Le Quartier des Spectacles want their piece of the pie!

They’re putting out the idea that, similar to when Berri-Demontigny was renamed to Berri-UQAM, St-Laurent metro should be renamed to St-Laurent – Quartier des Spectacles.

Again, I believe this whole name change for St-Laurent might rid the station of it’s somewhat questionable and shady reputation. My only concern with the latest proposal is the length of the name. Kinda reminds me of my Champlain College days when they changed the name of “Longueuil” metro to “Longueuil – Universite de Sherbrooke”. The only good that did was make a name which didn’t even fit on the map.