Today certainly was a great day to hit the streets of Montreal by foot and take in everything that the city has to offer. That said, I decided to venture down by the main to soak in some of the events around Design Montreal’s weekend events (mentioned earlier in this blog — but of course, you knew that). Great success, I must say, with some very unique exhibits and a good insight into some design projects underway in the city. However, what caught my attention was something I seemed to have overlooked in the calendar of events. Montrealers have joined forces or, as a certain group would put it, conspired to, well errr… do good! Read on…

As I trotted up St-Laurent, more specifically between Sherbrooke and Mount-Royal, some oddly bordered markings on the ground caught my eye. Somewhat puzzled, I leaned in closer to get a better look. Lo and behold a voice from above uttered a positive message. No, it wasn’t a message from God but rather a bright red speaker hanging from a light post. I looked back down at the marking on the ground and hastily scribbled the web address mentioned on my hand. So what exactly was that speaker doing there and why the marking on the sidewalk?

Fast forward an hour later, I’m at work, an hour early for my shift; I type in the web address and voilà: The Good Conspiracy! Essentially, Montrealers of all walks of life are invited to send out positive vibes and wishes with the hopes of making peoples’ actions, behaviors and environments more enjoyable. It’s an attempt to make the world a better place via means of communications even through small actions such as what I witnessed on St-Laurent, aka “The Good Axis”.

Organizers say “The Good Conspiracy acts transparently. Anyone, anywhere at anytime who harbours a good thought are part of the Conspiracy.” My one concern, is if this whole campaign is to be viral and more importantly, positive, why would it be called a conspiracy? Nevertheless, I must say I was pleasantly amused and I tip my hat to the whole idea.

Feel free to send your good thoughts and positive vibes to fellow Montrealers by phone at 514-933-BIEN, by text message at 514-941-BIEN, by e-mail at or in person at certain “conspiring” venues along the main… err, I mean, The Good Axis. More info available at or on twitter at