Yes, you read correctly! If Claude Chamberland, founder of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (, sees his brainchild through to fruition, this could very much be the case.

How and why? Well, the answer is quite simple. Chamberland is currently the co founder of Cinéma Parallèle. Cinéma’s Parallèle’s mission is to offer “an alternative movie-going experience by promoting independent film and video from Quebec and Canada and screening works by promising new filmmakers from around the world”. It is currently closely linked with Excentris and will essentially become a separate entity once its new facilities are built in the lot that currently houses the one entrance to St-Laurent metro. This project is part of the whole Quartier des Spectacles development aimed at revamping the St-Laurent/Ste-Catherine/Place-des-Arts area and make it almost a mecca for live performances, the arts and culture. Chamberland believes renaming the station just makes sense and he feels it could become the next big thing! To get a better idea, think of Paris’ Louvre station.

In all honesty, why not give it a shot? Yes, some might argue that confusion might rein and that the costs associated with the change are not justifiable. Let’s keep in mind that the Cinéma Parallèle won’t be built until 2011, leaving plenty of time for a smooth transition. Likewise, if we go back a few years to when Ile Ste-Hélène metro was renamed to Jean Drapeau metro, it can be argued that the change isn’t as drastic as some might say it is. Just some food for thought.