According to a study published yesterday by Mercer human resources, Montreal has been ranked 22nd with regards to world cities and their quality of life.

The Mercer study rated a total of 215 cities according to approximately 40 different criterias including healthcare, education, and public transportation among others.

The good news, Montreal is ranked 4th among the Canadian cities that were included in the study. The bad news? On the world scale, Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa beat out Montreal occupying the 4th, 15th and 16th positions respectively. Montreal held the same position last year. But hey, it could be worse; at least our standing didn’t drop.

Here are the cities that made it into the top 10:
1 – Vienna, Austria
2 – Zurich, Switzerland
3 – Geneva, Switzerland
4 – Vancouver, Canada
5 – Auckland, New Zealand
6 – Düsseldorf, Germany
7 – Munich, Germany
8 – Frankfurt, Germany
9 – Berne, Switzerland
10 – Sydney, Australia

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