April 2009

Yes, you read correctly! If Claude Chamberland, founder of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (www.nouveaucinema.ca), sees his brainchild through to fruition, this could very much be the case. (more…)


According to a study published yesterday by Mercer human resources, Montreal has been ranked 22nd with regards to world cities and their quality of life. (more…)

The Canadian Centre for Architechture is celebrating it’s 20th birthday! Yep, it’s been 20 years since Phyllis Lambert’s dream came to life. To celebrate, an event appropriately named “20 years: 20 hours” will start this Saturday, May 2nd at 11 am and run right through till 7 am on Sunday, May 3rd. (more…)

An annual tradition since 1987, Montreal’s Museum Day will be held May 31. Explore how Montreal envisions and showcases everything from art to history to science all free of charge as30 museums across the island open their doors to the public! (more…)

Ever wonder what you get when you combine art, culture jamming, and shopping? Well, the answer is shop dropping! (more…)

Who woulda thunk it! It seems the latest craze in Obama merchandise (at least from the incessant late night American informercials which we all love) are Obama shoes! (more…)

Well, it’s been a while since we last talked! Between, school, work, and my creative side projects keeping this blog up-to-date has been a challenge in itself. Anyway, here we go again! With the warmer weather and the end of another semester, here are some cool local updates for you all! (more…)